Work, Power, Energy & Electromagnetic Induction

Work, Power, Energy & Electromagnetic Induction

Physics Video Lectures for Class 11th and 12th Students for IIT JEE, AIEEE & AIPMT

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Learn these Physics topics by watching Recorded Videos in Hindi language!

The concepts of work, power, energy, electromagnetic induction are explained in a set of 7 video lectures, in Hindi language. The benefit of learning through recorded videos is that you can view and revise the content as many times as you want until you get a thorough understanding of the basic concepts. There are two parts of the course - Work, Power & Energy, and Electromagnetic Induction.

In the first part the tutorial starts from the basic definitions, special cases and then work done by various kinds of forces like gravitational, frictional etc. In conservation of linear momentum, two interesting questions on to and fro movement of a ball between two persons and the wedge and block system are explained. Problems on Spring Systems combined with other objects are explained using multiple concepts. In E.M Induction, the difference between the electric field generated by a charge and changing flux is explained. In the example of the solenoid the field at external and internal point is explained along with a graph. Numericals connecting this field with rotational motion and Newton's law are exceptional. The usual definitions of Self and Mutual inductance and calculation of theses values for a solenoid are also included.

Why should you enroll in this course:

  • These videos on work, power, energy, electromagnetic induction will benefit class 11th and 12th students
  • All the videos are available in Hindi language, thus ideal for students in India
  • This course is a must see for the entrance examinees. The explanations are crystal clear and done in systematic way.
  • A vast range of numerical examples along with their theoretical explanations are given

What’s in the course:

  • Set of recorded videos - 7 video lectures
  • View them as many times as you want
  • Instant access on enrolling

Course outline:

All videos are available in Hindi language

Video 1

IIT JEE Physics: Introduction to Work, Power, and Energy

Description : In the theory part, definition of work done, work done by various kinds of forces, dependence of work done on frame of reference are discussed. Numericals based on single block on horizontal and inclined plane, multiple blocks on one another in which motion with respect to observers at various points have been discussed.

Video 2

IIT JEE Physics: Work, Energy and Work - Energy Theorem

In the theoretical part, work done by variable force, positive and negative work nature and sign of mechanical energy have been explained. The highlight of this tutorial is number of numerical examples of all types.

Video 3

IIT JEE Physics: Work Done by Variable and Non Conservative Forces

Work done by variable and non-conservative forces and Work- Energy theorem are the topics of discussion.Pseudo force and its nature,mass hanging in a trolley, FBD of plank and mass, spring system are the typical problems which have been discussed in this video.

Video 4

IIT JEE Physics: Conservation of Linear Momentum

Different types of numerical examples have been discussed. Conservation of momentum has been applied to case where two observers are throwing a ball to and fro between them a number of times. Question on wedge and block system has been explained.

Video 5

IIT JEE Physics: Numerical Examples on Work and Energy

Questions based on spring system involving a number of concepts at a time have been solved. They connect the concept of work, energy and motion.

Tutoring Video 6

IIT JEE Physics: Time Varying Magnetic Field and its Consequences

Induced electric field due to time varying magnetic field is different (for example the work done by the induced electric field around a closed loop is not zero) from the electric field due to a charge. This fact has been explained in this video. An experiment on solenoid has been used to calculate the field inside and outside and extended to concepts connecting this theory with that of Rotational motion, and Newton's law etc.

Video 7

IIT JEE Physics: Concepts and Numericals on E.M. Induction

Induced E.M.F in a rod placed in different orientation with respect to the field is calculated. Definition of Self and Mutual inductance and its value for a solenoid has been evaluated.

Language of instruction: English

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BMSAP or B.M. Sharma’s Academy is primarily a training institute for IIT-JEE & AIEEE. Initially known for Physics teaching it now provides complete training for IIT-JEE and AIEEE exams. It also provides training to students of IXth & Xth for foundation JEE courses which cover the School Syllabus and bridge the gap between Xth level and +1 & +2 levels.

We have sent a large number of students to IIT’s over the last 6 years. This year 78 of our students were selected in IIT-JEE. 8 students of Chandigarh made it to the top 100 ranks of IIT-JEE and 5 of them were our students.

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